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White Sandy Beach in Kerala

Chera rocks is beautiful like a Da vinci picture, a Togore Poem, an amazing combination of blue sky and a green silent zone. Chera rocks, the real lonely planet, a complete contrast from busy city life, has no sounds of modern world. I am sure, before you leave the place you will learn to identify different types of natures sounds and also to enjoy the healing effects of these sounds. You will be amazed to find a lonely seashore with no sales person or masseur.....You and your gorgeous sea alone!
Many of our guests felt it as their home and people as very friendly. I ensure you the same hospitality.

You might have prepared a list of Indian food while booking the flight to India. Let me fulfil that and add some more lovely north Kerala dishes. And give you a chance to learn about some of our dishes through our cookery classes.

Chera rocks is creative... we have many facilities and you can choose as per your interest.... We are committed to keep the essence of nature and have organic food as much as possible.... when you walk around chera rocks what will you see? The simple people, simple life, temples...

You may be surprised to see the easy accessibility to road, railway and international airports while chera rocks remains as a lonely planet..... Thatís the way God has created it.... Come and celebrate your holidays and make it unforgettable....

Chera Rocks is a sea side village of historic importance, located in the city of Looms and Lores, Kannur. Chera Rocks offers miles of white sandy beach backed by swaying coconut palm trees! A beautiful scene of forest green merging into sea blue, oil lit lights hanging out in floating boats, fisher men with fishing nets, the far view of temple tombs, just like a portrait drawn out of our traditional village life.... A real silent valley

Chera Rocks lies in between two famous sea side cities of Kerala, Kannur and Telicherry. Both of these cities are famous for Cotton Cloth industry. This part of India holds an important place in tourism. Chera Rocks Beach is quiet and there is no sales person around! This is the right place to converse with the nature.

Chera Rocks has two types of accommodation, deluxe cottages and super deluxe cottages.(traditional Kerala cottages). Cottages are designed in such a way that all rooms get a close view of the sea through the windows. In addition, the roof of the super deluxe cottage is thatched using mud tiles and has traditional model bedroom suites including dressing room and bathroom. Moreover, the long and wide veranda gives you a chance to count the tides closely. All cottages have tea and coffee facilities.

Art and Culture
You might have heard a lot about the colourful mosaic of Indian festivals, culture and performing arts?.. And you might have seen a version of some of these in your home town too by the travelling performing artists! Here we stage the real, traditional performing arts through which the culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthrals and diversity delights ..

Theyyam is a ritualistic dance with rare costume and lively footwork. Theyyam represents a glorious period of folk life in kerala .During the performance souls of the dead heroes of the land and the gods and goddesses are supposed to come to the middle through the medium of the possessed dancers and converse with us on matters of even contemporary significance. It is the worship of spirits by invoking them to the mortal body of the dancer who impersonates them and gives blessing to the believers! The dancer (theyyam) transforms himself to the concerned deity with the help of his extreme devotion, preparation and the rhythmic chanting of mantras and thottam songs. Atmosphere is another important factor in creating the aura of divine splendour such as light, fire, open stage etc.

Kalari Payattu (mother of all martial arts)
Kalarippayattu is the mother of all martial arts in the world .The holistic approach of the training is aimed at the ultimate coordination and control over mind and body. The inherent beauty of this art form lies in the harmonious synergy of art, science and medicine. Anyone and everyone- young, old, working professionals - can reap the benefits of the rich and treasured martial arts. It cures Arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, neurological problems etc.

People from all over the world converge in to a small town called Thalassery to learn Kalaripayattu because of its amazing effects on health. We do give a chance for our guests to be introduced to this system of treatment. So join the spirit of celebration and make your time in India a memorable one with Chera rocks.

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This page was last updated: 23 February 2009

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White Sandy Beach in Kerala

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